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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Sindhis Wedding

Ganesh Stapana (Ganesh Puja) is performed a few days prior to the wedding after which the bride and groom are not allowed to go anywhere alone until the wedding day.  The groom is followed around by his jija (his sister’s husband) who carries a knife for his security at all times.

Even when he goes to the bathroom, the jija is supposed to be standing outside for his protection.

On the day of the wedding, he has to stand behind the couple with his knife in order to protect them from any possible harm.

Datar is a post-wedding ritual specific to Sindhis.  This is performed to welcome the bride in her new home.  She picks up a handful of salt and places it in the hands of her husband.

He passes it back into her hands and they do this three times.  The Datar is then carried out with the closest members of the family.  It shows the exchange of love between the bride and the family members.

It also symbolizes that the way salt blends in with food to give it taste, the bride too will become a part of her new family.

The Tamilians Wedding!

Essential to a Tamilian Brahmin wedding is the Kashi Yatra, a small skit enacted as part of the wedding celebrations.  The uncle of the bride goes up to the groom begging him to marry his niece.

On being approached, the groom disregards the uncle’s pleas and says that he doesn’t want to marry his niece but wants to go off to Kashi instead.

After some pleading from the uncle, the groom eventually gives in.  The whole setup is done with a comical flavour and nothing said during the play is held against anyone.

The bride’s uncle is an intrinsic part of the wedding.  It is he who offers the bride to the groom symbolizing the fact that she is his responsibility from then on.  The uncle has to carry the bride on his shoulder, after which he hands her over to the groom.

Once this is done, the usual ceremonies take place, including the seven sacred rounds around the fire.

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