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Resorts in Goa,Goa Resorts, Goa Beach Resorts in India

Art Galleries and Museums in Goa

The museums of Goa embody an effort to preserve the unique culture and heritage of the state. The chequered history of the state marked by invasions and occupations finds an expression through the artifacts preserved in the Goa museums. Besides a plethora of Goa Tours will involve exploring sensuous beaches and historical forts that have kept the legacy of Portuguese alive.

Travel to Goa, to explore the mystical charisma of the exotic abode. It is a promise that Goa will add some golden moments in your memorabilia.Goa is significantly known for its museums, art galleries and forts. 

Represented alongside a backdrop of prosperous style, paintings, carving, goa is extremely rich in tradition and culture thereby bestowing a unique combination of ethnicity that is beyond doubt alluring. Convincing impersonation of Goa culture can be observed in the standard of living of the people and their customs. Tourists can also visit a number of art galleries, museums to get a better understanding of the culture and traditions.

In Goa, a museum displays the past and the present history. Art lovers are sure to get enticed by the impressive exhibit of the ancient history art in the Naval Aviation Museum which was launched in Dabolim, Vasco in the year 1998 and unwrapped for the local public only after the19th Oct 1998.

Archives Museum Of Goa is abode at a new-fangled structure at the Patto Plaze which is quite close to the Ourem creek, Panaji. This claims to be one of the most remarkable characteristics of Panjim's State Archeological Museum. An Open air Crafts Museum is the most excellent set in order to observer the skillful Indian craftsmen at work.

Goa has a great history behind it to tell everyone but what is more interesting are the museums of goa which are sure to enthrall and mesmerize any sightseer who is inquisitive to know what the tradition of goa is all about. The Archaeological Museum & Portrait Gallery Goan museum has been in existences since the year 1964 in the deserted convent of St. Francis of Assisi. It is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India. Big Foot Art Gallery & Handicrafts Art Centre, Loutulim proffers local manufactured article and similar work of articles to tourist and visitors who come to have a glimpse from all over the world.

Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery
The museum was set up by Archaeological Survey of India in 1964 in the convent of St. Francis of Assisi church. The convent had been closed since 1864 by the Portuguese government.
Museum of Goa Daman and Diu Museum of Goa Daman and Diu
Situated in Panaji, Museum of Goa focuses on archeology and archives. There are several manuscripts, inscriptions, coins and textiles that were once a part of the Goan history.
Museum of Christian Art Museum of Christian Art
The Museum of Christian Art, set up in 1994, is one of its kind in Asia, and a must see for art lovers. The museum was earlier located in Margao at Rachol but its remoteness hampered its popularity.
Naval Aviation Museum Naval Aviation Museum
Six kilometers from the port of Vasco-da-Gama is the Naval Aviation Museum. A museum that is a source of knowledge and generates a sense of respect and inspiration towards the defense forces of the country.
Kerkar Art Complex Kerkar Art Complex
This gallery is a one man show and the man is Dr. Subodh Kerkar, a doctor by education and a painter by choice.
The Art Chamber The Art Chamber
Owned by Rudolph and Yolanda Kammermeier, this art gallery is within 800 meters of Calangute beach.
Archives Museum Goa Archives Museum Goa
The Museum of Goa is housed at a new Building at the Patto Plaza near the Ourem creek, Panaji.
The Big Foot Art Gallery Loutelim The Big Foot Art Gallery Loutelim
The Big Foot Art Gallery & Handicrafts Centre, Loutulim offers local artifacts (also spelt as artifacts) and handicrafts to visitors who come to have a glimpse of Ancestral Goa.
Institute Menezes Braganza Institute Menezes Braganza
Goa, India's most prominent tourist destination houses some of the most amazing museums and art galleries
Goa Science Centre Goa Science Centre
Goa Science Centre is a constituent unit of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) functioning under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India who has set up a chain of science Centers all over India including the Science City at Kolkata.

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